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Hawa Ilm ul Shifa Trust

In memory of the late founder of the NGO, who passed away in 2019. His dedication, kindness, and tireless efforts in serving humanity, especially the needy, will always be remembered.

He lived his life selflessly for the betterment of others. Let us pay tribute to his impactful legacy and strive to continue his noble work in honor of his memory.

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Health and Training Program

Hawa Dastarkhwan

Nourishing Lives, One Meal at a Time

Hawa Dastarkhwan is dedicated to providing nutritious meals to those in need. Our mission is to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry. We believe that a shared meal can bring hope and dignity to vulnerable communities. By serving food with compassion, we aim to make a lasting impact on countless lives. Join us in our journey to nourish and uplift those who need it most.



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Hawa Health Program: Caring for Your Health

Health program

Our program offers free health check-ups and treatments for those in need.

Join us in creating a healthier, happier community for everyone.

Fatima Kidney Care Hospital is serving dialysis patients since September 2013, at the moment we have 30 dialysis machines. monthly around 1500 dialysis are performed Free of Cost.

Also we provide a free protein diet and alongwith monthly laboratory tests, medicine and Injections absolutely free.


In August 2017, we started Fatima Thalassemia and Blood Bank to facilitate Thalassemia Kids.
Since then we are offering Free Blood Transfusion along with Free Medicines and Laboratory Test.

To further extend our services in the health sector, we started Fatima Medical Complex where General OPDs, perform Free of Cost with Free Dispensary Medicines.

Consultant OPDs, General Operations, Lab Test facility, Ultrasound , ECG ,Color Doppler and Emergency Service are available.

In Mother Care Unit, Normal Delivery, Cesarean and NICU facilities are available at very economical cost.

We have state of the art ICU and Operation Theater where all general and orthopedic surgeries can be performed.

All these facilities are a blessing of Allah for the people of this area and all this has become possible with the support of people like you.

Fatima Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre in Surjani Town Karachi. Our mission is to provide compassionate care to those in need, especially those with limited incomes. We understand the importance of accurate diagnosis and safe treatment for diseases, which is why we have established this state-of-the-art laboratory and diagnostic centre.

At our centre, we offer a wide range of diagnostic tests at affordable prices, so that everyone can access the care, they need. We also offer free laboratory tests to deserving citizens who rely on Zakat for support. We prioritize not only their medical well-being but also their self-esteem and dignity.

Our commitment to your health goes beyond medical services; it’s about caring for you as a whole.